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Readers, I’m sorry. I heard from several of you, letting me know you were looking forward to my comments about the VP debates last night.  I settled in with my popcorn, watched a new episode of “Ugly Betty” and geared up. Suddenly, I realized I was still watching ABC and hadn’t forgiven Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos for their abysmal performance during the April primary debate, so I switched to NBC to catch Tom Brokow, who will be moderating the next presidential debate. Brokow, who’s taken over many duties formerly belonging to the late Tim Russert, looks a little tired these days. I hope he can soon return to his Montana ranch and get back to trout fishing.

As the two VP candidates strode out on stage, I admired Palin’s smart-looking suit although maybe not the ruby red slippers. Biden’s tie was appropriate; I was wondering how he gets his teeth so white. Then Gwen Ifill, the moderator who’s been getting slammed all week for her presumed pro-Obama bias, began her introductions. She seemed subdued and low-key and I began to fidget.

As soon as Palin starting winkin’ and droppin’ her “g’s” and Biden stiffened and sighed, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay the course. My head began to throb from the statistics the candidates were lobbing across their podiums; how many times this one voted that way or that one voted this way. I can’t lie to you; at the first “you betcha!” I reached for the remote and switched over to HBO to watch Chris Rock.

Once you get used to the nearly exclusive use of the word “f*ck” as an adjective, Rock is hysterically funny. The special was brilliantly edited, with three different performances combined, sometimes in mid-joke. Interestingly enough, Rock was dealing with the same issues as the debate participants (I was flipping back and forth), i.e. Iraq, the economy, abortion, and the Bush policies in general.  At one point, he was even talking about same-sex marriage at the same time Palin addressed the issue. It was uncanny.

I went back to the Palin/Biden matchup for ten minutes during the foreign policy portion – no suprises there. Whenever I began to feel as if I were watching a performance rather than a debate (it happened frequently), I’d go back to Rock. Frankly, he’s better at entertainin’.

At one point, as Rock considered whether America was ready for a black president, he noted that any black aspiring to anything out of the ordinary had better be exceptional. He noted that in his wealthy neighborhood in Alpine, New Jersey, the four black residents were all at the top of their professions (as entertainers) but the white dentist living next door was only an average dentist. A black dentist in his neighborhood, he insisted,  would probably have had to invent teeth!

In other words, the bar is high for some people but not for others. But, as Rock said, don’t blame the player, blame the game. Indeed.

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