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The headlines this past week were reason enough to encourage the tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth and and scratching of heads. I know, that could happen in any week, given the headlines these days. Still, these particular headlines inspired questions on my part that I’m hoping my readers will address. Please use the comments section to throw in your two cents (or more) and whatever you do, try to maintain the faintly comic tenor of the post.

1. One Out of Seven Former Detainees Returns to Terrorist Activities: If six out of seven detainees did NOT return to terrorist activities, how many detainees did we NOT need to detain in the first place? 

2. Loaded Guns Allowed in National Parks Under Credit Card Bill:  Will this bill, if passed, allow us to use loaded guns on credit card company CEOs in national parks?   

3. Human Rights Activist Suu Kyi Arrested in Myranmar: If an American man swimming across a lake provides a reason to detain someone already under house arrest, what would happen if two Russians approached by canoe? A Frenchwoman on rollerblades?

4. Steele Threatens to Quit if RNC Undermines Funding Authority: Is this news? Is this even interesting? 

5. Kris Allen Beats Adam Lambert on Star-Packed “American Idol” Finale: Is this about eyeliner? The questionable costume choices? Or perhaps the questionable musical tastes of the average “American Idol” viewer? 

6. Fears of Swine Flu Close Three More Schools: Is swine flu less of a problem if the young folk hang out sharing one another’s soda, snot and eyeliner in parks and at the mall instead of at school? 

7. Any and all headlines with the word “Cheney” (or “Dick Cheney” or “former Vice-President) in the title: Is he writing a book? Rewriting history? Planning to run for President in 2012? Does he believe he already IS President?

Thanks for trying to wrap your brains around these pressing questions. Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend, remember the people who serve our nation and I’ll see you next week. 

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