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The last month has been a giddy time for followers of Bloomberg news (the Mayor, not his namesake news service). First came the cover story in Time Magazine, which paired him with another favorite renegade politician, the Gubernator. Now comes the announcement that the lifelong Democrat turned Republican (though no one ever believed it) has shed his latest party affiliation like a second skin. The move, coupled with an exploratory series of appearances around the nation, inspires deja vu; what would it be like to have a plain-spoken, tough-talking, self-made billionaire running for President? Naysayers may point out that it’s been done by another pint-sized candidate named Perot but at the risk of being blunt, he was charmless, inexperienced and possibly a touch crazy. Bloomberg is none of those things and has been an enormously effective city leader, more “America’s Mayor” than the guy who likes to wear that title. Some may note that without party affiliation or the need for cash to run a campaign, Mike would be beholden to no one. Except, of course, the voters.

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