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I was truly upset to learn of the death of moderator and commentator Tim Russert. Upset because it was sudden, because he was relatively young and because he felt like a valuable and trusted friend.

Russert, NBC’s Washington bureau chief and “Meet the Press” moderator was passionate about this year’s Presidential campaign and his excitement was contagious. I swear the man was bringing sexy back – sexy elections, where it felt “cool” to vote, to argue, to take part in debates and to get involved. Whether he was interviewing, moderating or analyzing, he managed to do so without any of the “snarky-ness” I associate with so many of today’s so-called political pundits. He didn’t suck up and he didn’t put down. He just asked really good questions.

Although there was plenty of information on Russert to be found online, if you strayed too far from MSNBC, you’d be swamped with stories about George Clooney’s breakup, Denise Richards’ feud with ex Charlie Sheehan or Tom Cruise’s new feud, whatever that’s about. Yes, that’s the way the big providers lay out their online “news” sites  – political news here, showbiz news there, sports in that other column – but to me it’s another sharp reminder that we Americans still have a long way to go in prioritizing our priorities.

“Damn,” said a good friend of mine of Russert’s death. “We’ve lost another voice of reason.”

Well said.

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