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I think, therefore I am.

I am, so why not be

Or not to be; then possibly

T’was blind, and now I see.

The change I want to see

I must be, but am not

If not to reason why

Then should I try to think,

Or not?

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He stalks me at night 

Haunts my restless dreams  

Taunting me until I plead:   

Please don’t go

He hides in my mind

Filling in the voids

Thrilling to my desperate need:

Please don’t go

He was not like this

Never so unmoved

Never one to make me beg

To bargain for his heart

Well then, what is this?

Punishment for love?

A puzzle to be solved

So that we can’t be kept apart?


He leaves me at dawn

Tearful and alone

Fearful once but angry now:

Please, just go

 (image: open source)

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