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Working Holiday

Everyone has his or her personal New Year’s – that is, a date or season that feels as if it’s the start of something new. I know that according to the calendar, New Year’s begins in January but if you live in North America or Europe, January seems like an inane time to promise to change or resolve to do anything. All I want to do is snuggle up next to the fireplace and pay my leftover holiday bills. My personal New Year’s is Labor Day weekend, which probably dates back to the new school year, which means a chance to undo all the social faux pas of the year before. There’s a nip in the air or there soon will be and most of us, male or female, recognize after a summer of shorts and tank tops that we’d probably look better in slacks and jeans and pressed shirts and turtlenecks, maybe accompanied by a suede jacket tossed artfully over one shoulder. Fall is the start of the social season, not that I’m a part of any of that but it all adds to the excitement. I also feel some pressure to better myself – increase my work output, get in shape, plan more and read more selectively (goodbye beach reads). Every Labor Day, then, I plan to work, exercise, eat smart and generally set myself a good example. Unfortunately, something nearly always derails me. Yesterday, for example, I took my bike onto the wrong path, pushed through brambles to a vertical incline made of rocks, apparently angered a hive of bees, ended up stuck on a five-inch beam with train tracks on one side – and a train coming! – and water on the other side ten feet below, slid with the bike down the other side, causing further damage to myself. There was nothing to do but come home, apply the appropriate salves and ointments, pour a glass of wine, grab a bag of chips, open a beach read and promise to start again tomorrow.

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