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From a friend of mine who publishes a popular political blog in D.C. comes proof positive of a badly kept secret: the operations in Iraq are being rebranded. Operation Iraqi Freedom will, as of September 2010, be known as “New Dawn.” 

This is not the first time the activities in Iraq have undergone a name change. The original title for the war (or, if you prefer, “incursion” or “invasion”) was Operation Iraqi Liberation. No sooner did the White House issue a press release  in 2003 than an astute observer noted the acronym spelled “OIL.”  Everyone quickly moved on to “OIF”.

Rebranding a war effort, particularly when the mission changes, is certainly one way to recalibrate public perception. Incidentally, the term “perception management” originated with the Department of Defense; the original meaning was to be a synonym for persuasion. However, as noted military author and military affairs specialist Emily Goldman has written, “falsehood and deception [are] important ingredients of perception management; the purpose is to get the other side to believe what one wishes it to believe, whatever the truth may be.”

The truth is that military operations in Iraq are entering a new phase, one in which the American military presence is fading (or rather is moving over to Afghanistan). Perhaps a new title for this group of actions is needed.  But if I were asked, I might suggest a less poetic-sounding name, at least until we are truly certain a new dawn is coming to that part of the world.

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