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Mother’s Day is a holiday, I guess. It’s more than a private observation but seems less than those old standbys that celebrate religious holy days or nation-founding, national independence or national heroes. On Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day), businesses that would normally be open on Sunday (which itself used to be a major holiday) are open and those people who normally work on Sundays are working. Yes, there are Mother’s Day sales and Mother’s Day brunches. Still, it was weird to hear someone say last Friday, “Have a nice holiday.” But maybe that’s me. Mother’s Day isn’t my holiday; my mom is no longer living and I never had kids. I always feel a little excluded and a little sad, to be honest. However, I did receive a card from the dog, thanking me for all I do. I suspect a human hand behind her thoughtful gesture but even so, it’s nice to know I’m appreciated.

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