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I am amazed that getting into prison is becoming so de rigeur it’s downright fashionable. I mean, there was Nicole Richie, mulling over her own impending incarceration on David Letterman, giggling that “everyone goes to jail.” Maybe she was nervous. Or maybe she was resorting to a variation of the “everyone’s doing it” line of reasoning, which usually covers everything from hard partying among the privileged set to false testimony in front of this or that agency or committee. But I don’t think the young celebs are as blase about getting locked up as they pretend to be, notwithstanding the glamorous mug shot of Paris Hilton. Sure, jail time can revive a fading career but the food is awful and there are no cell phones. That may be why Ms. Hilton was released to her home this morning due to an “unspecified medical condition” after serving only three days of her sentence. According to an Associated Press article, “her new lockup is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, Spanish-style home on .14 acres above the Sunset Strip.” Bummer.

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