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I am waiting for my insurance company to cover some physical therapy visits from last February. While I’m on hold for the umpteenth time to talk to the umpteenth person, I’m reading a review of Michael Moore’s new movie “Sicko” and thinking I really ought to see it. I mean, I may not be as desperate (yet) as some of those fighting their insurance companies, but I can relate. And look at this: the new movie starring Angelina Jolie, “A Mighty Heart” seems as if it would be quite moving. I’m especially interested in a scene this review referred to where Jolie’s Marianna Pearl puzzles one observer because she isn’t crying. Later she observes that she’s not crying because she’s angry. I can relate; when my husband was killed on 9/11, there were plenty of tears but also days of cold-eyed fury on my part. Still on hold and listening to dumb elevator music, I see that Paris Hilton has been offered a million dollars for a post-jail interview; apparently said interview sparked a bidding war between NBC and ABC. You know, I can relate. Oh wait, no I can’t.

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