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Ga-ga Over Gadgets

I thought nothing could excite me as much as the impending release of the final Harry Potter installment, even though I know something horrible will happen to a couple of the characters. But I’m kind of stirred up about the new iPhone from Apple. It all started with this very blog, for which I wanted to create podcasts. I am a Windows kind of gal but I needed a new laptop and the Mac notebook looked like it would do the trick. And those stores – talk about a retail experience! Sleek, sophisticated, user friendly and for less than a hundred bucks a year, I get one on one lessons in how to do anything creative I can think of using a Mac (don’t go there; I already did). The point is, I didn’t think I needed the latest gadget until Steve Jobs came along with his siren song and I was once again seduced. The iPhone combines an awful lot of things into one package that appears easy to use. True, never in a million years did I think I wanted to scan a site or watch a movie or, god help me, a YouTube video on a screen so small that even reading glasses won’t help. Yet I am considering switching carriers so I can get my hands on one of those babies. Bye-bye BlackBerry! Nix the Nano! Momma needs a new gadget

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