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One of the more interesting articles I ran across in yesterday’s paper concerned blogging(although I’m trying to get my news the new-fashioned way, via the Internet, the better to connect with my young friends and colleagues, I still like to peruse the paper with a cup of coffee in hand; call me old-fashioned). Anyway, the gist of the story was that blogging, which pays little and requires long hours in front of a computer, is so stressful you could die – literally. As was noted, two well-known bloggers, one sixty and the other fifty, had recently dropped dead and another had suffered a massive heart attack. Apparently, even those who manage to make a decent living feel chained to their stations, much like the assembly lines of ancient times.


Clearly there are certain factors at work: too little exercise, too little sleep, and probably a diet of whatever-you-can-grab, which is to say junk food. We all know that sitting or standing in one place for any length of time is bad for you but we all forget when parked in front of our computers to stand up or look up or stretch or even blink. Throw in the pressure of delivering content on a twenty-seven basis and it’s a wonder more people don’t drop on the spot.


I write, sometimes for pay and sometimes not. Like everyone else, I’m confronted with deadlines. But I’m at the point where, no matter how much I enjoy doing what I’m doing, I’m still aware that life is about – well, living. That means friendship and fun and exercise and sun and time with my dog as well as my beloved blog. So if on occasion I miss a few days posting, never fear. I’ve just pried my hands off the keyboard, closed up the basement office and headed upstairs for a cup of coffee and some time with the newspaper.


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