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Iowa, as everyone not living under a rock knows, is just the beginning of the long primary season that now starts in the dead of winter. The results are in and Barak Obama and Mike Huckabee seem to have captured the imaginations of a handful of a handful of voters nationwide in what has got to be one of the more arcane voting systems in the country. CNN has a succinct explanation of the difference between primaries and caucuses, but essentially we’re talking not about voting booths but about meetings in which the party faithful show up to help select delegates favoring this or that candidate to show up at the convention.  Throw in the fact that, notwithstanding its leap to the head of the pack, the Iowa caucuses can’t be described as a surefire predictor of our next President and you could question the fuss.

Nevertheless, we live in a brave new world where well-paid political analysts on mainstream media and their underpaid (or unpaid) counterparts in the blogosphere have endless opportunities to analyse, editorialize and generally opine about what it means for a bunch of mostly white folks in a predominantly rural state to lean towards a folksy preacher from Arkansas or a bi-racial newcomer preaching change and hope.  It’s worth noting that the coveted demographic of traditionally disenfranchised voters under thirty appeared to turn out for Obama. At least Rudy was a no-show, which gave us a break from hearing 24/7 about 9/11. Anyway, Dodd and Biden are out and Richardson and Thompson are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. One can never underestimate the strength of the Clinton or Romney money machines, nor for that matter, Edwards’ or McCain’s determination. Besides, New Hampshire isn’t Iowa. Then there’s Ron Paul. Saddle up, y’all. It’s gonna be quite a ride.

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