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Last year I wrote a piece entitled, “Is Stupid the New Black?” which attracted quite a bit of attention, due in part to its provocative title. Unfortunately,some missed the fashion reference (“Grey is the new black”) and thought I was engaged in racial stereotyping (whoa). Most readers shared my concern about the deliberate promotion of “stupid”, i.e. regressive, reactionary or irrational ideas, especially in times of unease.

Now I’m wondering: Is it time for “Is Stupid the New Black, Part II”?

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It’s impossible not to talk about the shooting of Representative Gabriel Giffords of Arizona if for no other reason than because it’s the BIG news story. As is the way with big stories, instant reporting is followed by instant analysis. Every imaginable media outlet, blog, Twitter feed and web site is engaged not only in relaying the facts as they become available but in providing context.

I’m trying not to blame but I can’t help feeling angry.

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