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Damn! January is almost gone and I haven’t come up with any grand schemes for making this year bigger, better, more exciting, inspirational, transformational, something.  I’d like to see some major changes in my career and (god knows) my social life but I haven’t quite resolved to do anything about either of those things except put in more effort.

Starting a new year is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of pressure to pull it together; January is national “Get Organized” month. Trapped at the beginning of the year by the bills or the blues, we feel we must be resolute. Resolutions are the means by which we commit to improving our lives. They represent the ultimate mulligan, the renewable do-over.  Okay kiddo, here’s your chance (again) to drop ten pounds/quit smoking/quit the job/find the job/spend more time with your spouse/ditch your spouse/fulfill your dreams/follow your bliss.  If we just promise to try to commit to something,  an entire set of industries stands ready to help, promoting and promulgating from the pages of women’s and the sets of morning talk shows. The advice is geared primarily to women, which is odd. It appears someone thinks men don’t make promises they can’t keep. Although maybe that just applies to New Year’s resolutions.

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